Our workshops free of charge for local coastal communities residents. We rely on individual donations, crowdfunding campaigns, and grants to purchase facilitate our workshops and cover second-hand digital cameras, art supplies, and travel costs. If you like what we're all about, you can sponsor an upcoming workshop by making a deductible donation by credit or debit card through Paypal (no account needed). We will send you a thank you and receipt! 



Not sure what to do with that old point-and-shoot digital camera?


We can definitely make good use of it! To donate product or discuss a partnership, please get in touch with us! We’d be stoked to hear from you.


How much is the program?

The most supportive & transformational option is the Embodied Bundle. This includes the 8 week program + a full coaching package at $1208 (a savings of $428) (or 6 monthly payments of $218) The Embodied BASIC includes the six week program + 1 X one-one(1hr) session is $808 (or 6 monthly payments of $148)

What happens after the Embodied BUNDLE?

...within a couple days you will receive 1) A sweet welcome email with your first bonus audio & preperation list. 2) An invitation to the Embodied Program Facebook Group. 3) A thorough intake package - to best serve your coaching needs. 4) Information on booking your first session. 5) Optional check in call - a 20 minute hello to chat before we even begin.

Where do sessions take place?

Session's will take place via zoom with links sent after registration is complete. In person/ live streaming concerts (Covid allowing) will take place in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) in an outdoor location to meet Covid Restrictions.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. Scholarships are reserved for people unable to meet the financial requirements of this course but ready to fully engage! Scholorships are limited. To be notified when scholorship informaiton is availble please email me here & I will send you the applicaiton information when it becomes available.

What happens after I purchase the Embodied BASIC?

Within a couple business days you will receive... 1) A sweet welcome email with your first bonus audio & preperation list. 2) An invitation to the Embodied Program Facebook Group. 3) A thorough intake package - to best serve your coaching needs. 4) Info to conact me directly if you have any questions or concern.

What types of payment do you accept?

Please follow the directions based on your country of origin. Most credit cards are accepted.

How is Embodied Voice different from singing lessons?

In embodied voice we will use some vocal techniques & skills dervied from voice lessons. But, there is so much more involved. ~ Sound science & healing ~ Devotion as a means of self acceptance & altruism. ~ Contemplation & Somatic Techniques. ~ Emotional regulation. This is unlike singing lessons primarily because we are less concerned with performace & more concerned with establishing a deep & integrative relationship between you & your voice.

Why would I choose BUNDLE over BASIC?

The Embodied BASIC will give you plenty of material to work through & engage. It's a good package & I've had great success with similiar programs. The Embodied BUNDLE is a more direct & expediated way to create change & understanding in your voice. The 3 months of coaching allows you take concepts explored in the program & integrate them into real shifts in your expression in life, relationships, & creativity.

I want to do the BUNDLE but when I look at the 1:1 coaching packages I realize I'm interested in all 3 types. What do I do?

You are not alone! When we work together I am happy to draw from all three programs to best suit your needs ~ Embodied Voice, Connected Communicaiton, & Evolved Expression. After the BUNDLE is purchased you will fill out thorough intake package & we will do a short 20 min chat to get to know eachother. This way we can ensure the coaching program is a fit for you.

What types of topics will we discuss/experience in the program?

Here are some of the topics we will be exploring; ~ Embodiment & Somatic techniques ~ Sound science & healing ~ Psychology of devotion ~ Mantra & Song (both spiritual & contemporary) ~ Vocal Hygiene ~ The Voices within

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. This program is backed by a 100% risk-free guarantee. If by 12pm (noon) Mountain Standard Time on Nov 1 you don't feel Embodied Voice is right for you & you have attended all live calls & can show completed worksheets/homework you can request a refund for the program. This refund will include the entire amount (excluding cost of 1:1 session if it has taken place) - minus $50 admin fee. * Note most 1:1 sessions occure in the last 2 weeks of the program.

Can I do this program if I live outside North America?

Of course! There is always the challenge of time zones ~ you are welcome wherever you are. * Please note if there is significant interest (5+people) who would prefer a 9am MST (4pm London time) connection call this will be added.

Can I do this program if English is not my first language?

Absolutely! In fact having a multidude of different backgrounds & languages adds depth to the program. In the facebook group & in session there is opportunities to share the music that moves you. The more cultures, backgrounds, & sounds offered the more rich & dynamic the expereince for everyone involved.

What if I have a question not listed here?

Just email me here All questions welcome.