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We collaborate with organizations committed to social and ecological justice to produce creative projects combining art with science, entertainment with education, and policy with play. These participatory and co-created projects address our society and the planet's biggest challenges through the power of enchantment. Explore our most recent productions below! 

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The Map from Coast to Coast

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Explore the world's coastlines from local youth living in coastal fishing villages! This interactive map is an educational tool that adds a human element to marine conservation.
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The Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines Curriculum

SSF Guideline Curriculum

A learning framework to explore, mobilize, and implement the SSF Guidelines, the first international instrument to protect the human rights of SSF people, with the UN FAO. 

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Engagement Partnerships

An Island of Cherished Things

"An Island of Cherished Things" is a captivating children's tale that follows Kiara, a toy that sheds light on issues such as plastic pollution, cultural heritage, and the quality of our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the planet. Our role as the engagement partner involves promoting this inspiring project and fostering meaningful conversations around its important themes. The comic is the latest in a series of innovative augmented reality social-activist comic books by the Power of Priya. The series’ groundbreaking comic, Priya’s Shakti, features India’s first female superhero and has been recognized as a "gender equality champion" by UN Women.

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