We have co-produced three programs in South America and Southeast Asia.


Through local partnerships, we foster meaningful dialogues between youth, their families, local and regional governments, and academic institutions.

From short films to street art, stop-motion animation, web design, and photography - participants in our four to six month programs learn through situational activities targeting language, skills, and knowledge necessary to ascend as empowered authors of their life stories. We prepare youth to access new opportunities that contribute to their personal growth, cultural heritage, and region's biodiversity.




The Lobitos Cinema Project (LCP) is a platform creating spaces for community development the participatory audiovisual arts along the northern coast of Peru. LCP is an open space for connections between local communities and vultures interested in education through creative media arts education.


The creation of audiovisual productions are handmade by local community members to support their empowerment as the main stockholders. The vision is to generate a new idea of development through storytelling, listening to the community’s voices and seeing through their lens to create a sustainable future together. 



A Liquid Future is a grassroots not-for-profit organization providing free educational programs for isolated island communities in Indonesia, striving for balance where increasing surf tourism is impacting their lives and culture.


Sharing knowledge and ideas leads to best outcomes to the challenges communities are facing today. A Liquid Future uses collaborative knowledge as a tool to adapt for the better for people and the planet. A Liquid Future’s core principles are connection and collaboration which are the foundation of open communication. 


Created in response to their wants, needs, and dreams for their region, a Liquid Future works with these local communities to make sure they play their role in shaping their region’s future for the benefit of the communities, the environment, and the visitor. 




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