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"The Memories" /// Short Film /// Colombia - English
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Ulises and Macaria are the oldest couple in San Bernardo del Viento, a tiny fishing village along Colombia's Caribbean coast. The husband and wife still live a traditional life, cultivating and collecting plants, vegetables, and medicinal herbs from the jungle. They source their fish from their neighbors and rent the rooms for any tourists who wander into the area. Ulises and Macaria are known for sus recuerdos or their memories. The couple serves as the main points of reference for this stretch of coastline's history and traditions. Both Ulises and Macaria were born, raised, and now are growing old in San Bernardo del Viento. Dorkas, the daughter of a local fisherman and the founder of our local partner organization, Fundación Sinumar, was eager for an opportunity to celebrate Ulises and Macaria as an added-value to San Bernardo del Viento's cultural-social memory that contributes to a community's well-being. We assisted Dorkas to create a short film that provides an inside look into Ulises and Macaria's daily morning routine, the one they've been living for the majority of their lives together. Waking up at 4:30AM to drink coffee with rice together before Ulises's journey to his chacra, a small plot of land in the nearby foothills, this short film simply honors the couple as a testament to time. 

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