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Lobitos /// Peru /// April - May 2016

After the El Niño rains, our work continued in Lobitos into the Peruvian winter with more workshops, murals, community screenings, and collaborations with partners! Lobitos is already experiencing the impacts of unsustainable travel. Our programs strive to equip local youth with the skills necessary for participation in tourism planning or activities; to be in a position to take full-advantage of tourism’s positive influence as key stakeholders; to be aware and connected in a global context... all through celebrating their cultural heritage and fostering community identity at the grassroots level.

We also teamed up with the school district of Talara to facilitate workshops for fostering youth mentors to nurture creativity and innovation in the student bodies across the community.

Together with the incredible VCD girls, surf photographer Ryan Struck, the Ministry of the Environment and Culture, and more, winter time in Lobitos was full of positive, playful energy as spirits were high and the waves were pumping.

For more, check at the Lobitos Cinema Project's new website:

Until summer, Lobitos. Nos vemos prontito.

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