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Oahu /// Hawaii /// December 2016

From the grassroots surf scenes to the roots of the entire culture surrounding wave-riding, one coast from our equipo flew to Hawaii to convene with the Billabong Womens team on Oahu, North Shore. It was a great time to talk story, understand developments in the surf industry, and look for more social awareness strategies along the horizon, kicking off 2017 with a snap.

Here is walk through of the Billabong Womens' house... each team member is different which makes for a diverse, dynamic group of girls.

As the most isolated populous islands on Earth, Hawaii imports 90 percent of its food – this makes it not only expensive, but environmentally taxing. On Oahu’s North Shore, more locals are keeping the country, country by growing foods locally in their backyards and on small-scale organic farms. As visitors, we wanted to make healthier choices for the planet, our bodies, and the local economy – so we sought out the healthiest homegrown goodness on the North Shore to dig into.

Here’s our curated list of top organic finds and grinds to check out when you visit... Emi & Lauren's List of Top Organic Finds

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