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Lobitos /// Peru /// April - June 2017

After El Niño's raged down upon Peru destroying homes, highways, and taking lives... we paused before making our way from Lima back to Lobitos. Still without water in the houses, roads in need of repair, and scattered showers, we were welcomed by a sea of yellow fields across the dessert landscape. This year's #ResidenciaAudiovisual en #Lobitos started taking shape. With a lot of work to be done behind the computer, brainstorming at the table, and facilitating workshops... we are excited to be back.

The first #MartesFoto of the year back together on-the-ground with our local partners, Lobitos Cinema Project and HEP Photography.

Welcoming the new skate ramp at our local partners, WAVES Lobitos.

Lively discussions with our #ResidenciaAudiovisual in-house team on the book the Lobitos Cinema Project is spearheading together with the local community, for the first time to share their version of history.

And of course, surf sessions at our local spots with the crew.

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