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Lobitos /// Peru /// June 2017

We reunited in Lobitos after an incredible workshop in Panama, jumping right back into the swing of things. We had the pleasure of welcoming Coco Loberg, a tattoo artist and talented Australian photographer, to our humble home in Lobitos. Coco was commissioned by Billabong Womens to document our projects... she spent two weeks with us, immersed into the Lobitos lifestyle. You can read about her experience on the Billabong Womens blog.

During Coco's visit, we learned how to make (the most amazing) ceviche with Lucy, the master chef behind Don Lucho, the best restaurant in Lobitos, we hang out with Lobitos' only local surfer, Karen Periche Chavez, and heard about her experiences as the only woman from Lobitos to ride waves.

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