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Lobitos /// Peru /// July - August 2017

Our community-rooted chamba continued. Together with local photographer and talented surfer, Henry Espinoza Panta, we jumped into more photography workshops together as part of Martes Foto. Thanks to Fujifilm's new Instax (the new take on the classic polaroid), kids got to take home real film photographs. We also created street art thanks to mystical artist Lucía Coz and creatives, Alex Andra and Danielle Houston. We were fueled by MUNAY granola goodness. We also welcomed a new friend, Daniel Jiménez, from the community, Alto in Peru.

Nico teamed up with local surfer, Mateo Lazo del Pielago, who is 15 years old and already turning heads, to produce a short video highlighting his talent.

We were stoked to welcome our friend and audiovisual artist, Kat Goicochea, to Lobitos for a photography workshop for the local girls! Led by Alex Andra, El Club de Chicas, offers a safe space for local girls to come together and participate in fun activities, without having to worry about any hassling for the boys, something that's usually the case in a machismo culture. Kat was joined by Club de Chica facilitator, Alex Andra and friend, Lulita Divina from Talara! Henry Espinoza Panta y Nicolás supported behind the scenes.

Through Lobitos Cinema Project, Nico brought the Festival de Cine de Lima to the streets of Lobitos's neighborhood, Primavera, and the classrooms at the local school. Locals watched award winning films and animations that usually never reach this far outside the city.

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