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#MovementTalks: Julia Moore

At Coast 2 Coast we have the amazing opportunity to have in our team a variety of members that come from all walks of life, and unified by a love for education and nature conservation. This is what led to us to create #MovementTalks - a series of interviews to share with the world the inspiring stories of our community.

On this first edition, we got in touch with Julia Moore, one of our remote interns from Carbondale, Colorado - she is currently finishing a degree in Communications and Human Services at Northeastern University in Boston. Julia’s appreciation for the environment started at a very young age while spending most of her childhood outside in a small town by the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by a community of nature-loving people.

“As I got older it became clear to me that people are the key — the key to protecting our environment, creating positive global change, and striving towards an equitable society that values all people for their differences.”

Julia’s love for education and the environment led her to work in national and international educational programs - from the U.S to Vietnam! Most recently she has become an avid team member of Coast 2 Coast Movement - supporting partnership management, social investment readiness, and digital content for website.

What inspired you to take part of Coast 2 Coast?

I have known for a while that I want to work at the intersection of environmentalism and education, with an organisation that prioritises community based problems and problem solving, enabling people rather than forcing an outside agenda. When I first found out about Coast 2 Coast I was a sophomore in high school, and from then on I knew I wanted to be involved. I was immediately struck by this unique approach to working with small-scale fishing communities and was truly taken back by how impactful Coast 2 Coast is on the communities they work with. To add to my excitement, I had never seen an organisation that encapsulated all of my passions, goals and interests so seamlessly. I grew up loving photography and surfing, although Colorado wasn’t very conducive to this activity, and have more recently begun to explore and participate in meditation. Overall, my biggest inspiration for working with Coast 2 Coast is the ability to work with people in such a profound way.

What is your favourite place in the world?

I’ve never been great at picking favorites, and for this question it is especially difficult-there are so many amazing places in the world! The place I find the most comfort in is my hometown of Carbondale, Colorado. It is surrounded by tall peaks of the Rocky Mountains and encompassed by flowing rivers. I feel very at peace when I am in this environment, recognising that it is also the people in Carbondale that make this place so special. Although Carbondale will always hold a place of meaningful calm, I did recently spend three months in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and was in constant awe of the vibrant way of life. I have never appreciated such a populous city in that way, generally I tend to get overwhelmed in such busy spaces. However, living there and finding my own rhythm within the hustle and bustle, I gained a deep affinity for this beautiful place and it’s even more beautiful people.

What is your favourite marine species? What makes it special to you?

From as early as I can remember I have been obsessed with sea cucumbers. My fascination began with their appearance, but grew deeper as I learned about their vital role in recycling organic material into nutrients on the ocean floor. I am far from an expert on these echinoderms, but am in constant amazement regarding the wide variety of species of sea cucumbers that exist. I appreciate the sea cucumber on a deep level for many reasons, but one that stands out, although not scientific in nature, is that they might easily be overlooked as simple blobs. In reality they are complex species, constantly adapting to stay alive and with more tricks up their sleeve than one might imagine.

Can you tell us about your relationship with the sea, what has it given you?

Growing up in a land-locked state the sea was always a beautiful mystery to me - a place filled with wonder and unknowns. Through travel I was able to experience the ocean first hand, and instantly I was made aware of its beautiful uncontrollability. The sea has given me a sense of perspective and purpose. I am just one small being, and the sea is a large, widely unexplored ecosystem, yet I am lucky enough to learn about and interact with something bigger than myself. I have never had the experience of directly relying on the sea for my livelihood, but I am keenly aware that indirectly we all benefit from the power of the sea. To me, the sea is a humbling reminder of our place on this earth. At the same time, knowing the intense impact humans are having on the health of our oceans, I am also made aware of its vulnerability.

5. What are some books, movies, documentaries or podcasts that you recommend?

Books: Find me Unafraid, Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening, Little Princes, Homegoing, Educated, The Spirit Catches You and You fall down, Shadow Divers, Where the Crawdads Sing

Movies: My Octopus Teacher, Soul, The Dawn Wall, Captain Fantastic, Hunt for the Wilder Poeple, Crip Camp, Chasing Coral, David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, The Life Ahead, and anything Wes Anderson!

Podcasts: Serial, Jungle Prince, The Catch and Kill

Thank you so much for sharing your story Julia! To our readers: stay tuned for more inspiring stories that are yet to come!


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