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Meet Our Coast 2 Coast Intern, Maddie Carlone

What Made You Want to Intern With Coast 2 Coast?

-I wanted to intern with C2C because of the organization’s ability to make effective and long-lasting, palpable change within communities. C2C is a pioneer in the field by trailblazing a way for policies and regulations to be understood by communities so that they can truly be implemented. C2C makes sure that policies aren’t just words on paper, they are actions.

What Did You Do Each Day at Coast 2 Coast?

-My primary job was working on the literature review for the FAO division of the UN. I worked closely with Julia Moore on this project.

What Was Your Favorite Part About the Experience?

-My favorite part of interning with C2C was getting to meet all of the other C2C workers. It is so wonderful being around like-minded individuals working synergistically to accomplish a common goal. C2C does a great job of making people feel included and appreciated.

What Recommendations Do You Have for Future Coast 2 Coast Interns?

-Lean in! There are always things to be learning so don’t be afraid to ask questions and really lean into what is happening around you. You only get what you put in so make sure to invest yourself in your work!

Image supplied by Carlone


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