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"Past lives" | STOP-MOTION ANIMATION | Puerto Malabrigo, PERU

In the heart of Puerto Malabrigo, more commonly known among surfers as Chicama - the longest left peeling wave in the world - history lies embedded in its sand, whispering tales of ancient cultures, mysteries, and the secrets of their survival! Students from I.E. Jose Andres Razuri and archaeologists from the University of California San Diego and Universidad de Trujillo have embarked on an extraordinary journey to unearth these tales. Together, they created a stop-motion animation that tells the story of the ancient cultures of Chicama, their lives, traditions, and values. Students also highlight the need to protect our cultural heritage. Through simple scenes, the students show the consequences of tomb raiding and the value of preservation. In their unique way, these young learners remind us of the importance of understanding and safeguarding our past. Their animation offers a blend of entertainment and awareness, encouraging viewers to value the rich history that has shaped our world.

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