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Too Big to Ignore Hub: Perú

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Small-scale fisheries make generous contributions to catches, employment, livelihood, food security, and conservation. Too Big to Ignore (TBTI) Hubs around the world seek to highlight the strengths, capacity, motivation, and contributions associated with this fishing sector at the national and regional levels. With many conversations centered around the social-ecological challenges that SSF communities face, the hubs focus on solutions and opportunities for the viability and sustainability of small-scale fisheries that can be highlighted and explored by bringing SSF advocates together.

Do you work with small-scale fisheries in Perú for their sustainable futures? Come join TBTI's latest hub!

We are currently in the early stages of forming the TBTI Hub: Perú and are building a network of researchers, students, nonprofits, educators, artists, and other supporters of SSF communities in Perú. Please fill out the form below if interested in joining, and check out other examples of TBTI Hubs from around the world and the brilliant work their doing!

Expression of Interest
Are you Peruvian?
Are you based in Peru?
How would you describe your profession?

Thank you so much for your time and interest. We are excited to launch this hub together. For direct inquiries, please contact the coordinators below. 

Emi Koch

Coast 2 Coast

Dr. Milena Arias Schreiber

University of Gothenburg

Thanks for filling out the interest form! We’ll get back to you soon with our next steps!

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