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What better way to upcycle glass beer bottles then to cut them in half and make upcycled chai cups? 


The kids led a cleanup of their local beach. We found a variety of bottles on the sand. We collected these bottles and then soaked the bottles in water to then peal off the labels. Once the glass bottles were cleaned we scored the bottles with Kinkajou Bottle Cutters Kits. One person held the bottle cutting mechanism while the other tightened the grips and spun the glass bottle slowly in a circle until there was an even score line around the bottle. Next we took ice water and a candle and slowly rotated the bottle over the flame and then quickly dunked the bottle into the icy water. After a few attempts the glass bottles break at the score line. The young groms then sanded their own half bottles into drinking cups. 


The workshop meant to demonstrate the various ways we can reuse materials discarded on the beaches. The participating youth were from both the Muslim and Hindu sides of Kodi Bengre. 


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