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Break down boxes into a breakdancing dance floor? 


That is what the kids of Kodi Bengre did one afternoon in this small fishing village in Southern India for an upcycling workshop. The kids lead a cleanup of their local beach. We found boxes on the sand. We collected these boxes and used tape to pull the pieces together until there was a large padded surface. Our guest facilitator from Switzerland, a breakdancing champion, Marvin, lead the demonstration and then guided the kids in pulling off some serious dance moves. After the workshop, the children lead facilitators in traditional Indian dances from their village and then from pop culture Bollywood. 


The workshop meant to demonstrate the various ways we can reuse materials discarded on the beaches and allow a space for cultural exchange. 


The participating youth were from both the Muslim and Hindu sides of Kodi Bengre. Elements of healthy eating, stretching, and establishing a general awareness of our bodies during movement and exercise was included in the workshops.


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