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Participatory photography - referred to as "PhotoVoice" - is a fantastic way for young people in small-scale fishing villages to explore their surroundings in a new light and from different angles. For many of our participants, it's their first time using a digital camera, let alone holding one. In the classroom, facilitators guide students and teachers to learn the basics of photography before venturing outside and working together to explore important themes in their coastal or inland fishing community. Each PhotoVoice project is tailored to meet participants' needs and goals. Participatory photography invites us to document our own experiences, challenges, and appreciate the macro to landscape-sized aspects that surround us, providing a unique perspective on our lives. Photography can become a powerful tool for speaking up, engaging with the community, and developing new skills and confidence. This experience does not young people a voice - they already have one. Photography acts as a microphone that breaks language barriers to express views, share data, impact policies, and shape a community's future.

Click an image below to view the diverse photo series created by participants during Coast 2 Coast's workshops, programs, and festivals.

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